Thursday, August 24, 2006

Relaxing weekend

Yes, I realize it is already Thursday.
Last weekend was wonderful. The cabin really nice!
The food Wonderful. The company perfect.
I spun, I knit, I drank, I talked, I ate, then I slept.

I miss it already.
This week the ballet run started. That means I pick up DD2 and we run home and change
clothes and then I take her to ballet. She has ballet almost every day this year.
Today there is an audition for the group of dancers who go to SERBA every year.
DD2 has made the decision that she isn't going to try out for this group or for Nutcracker this year because, She wants to be able to have time to do her homework and go to some Chorus
events. Good for her!

Next post I may talk about the difficulty I have in making time for the evening meal because of the dance schedule.

I'll try not to bore everyone with a screaming session about my 18 yr old.


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