Thursday, August 10, 2006

slogging along

I'm on my 5th repeat of clue 4 of the mystery shawl. I am slogging along. I was going to do 6 or 8 repeats of this clue because the shawl looks fairly small. Lace is like that, blocking is magic.
I don't know if I can stand to do any more repeats of this clue, I'm getting tired of this project.
I hate it when that happens. When I finally finish and block this beast I'll try to post a picture.

For once DD1 woke up early and so both the girls are awake and it is fairly early in the day. I may have to separate them by room. DD1 can slay DD2 with a word and a look. I really dislike puperty and all that comes with it. Can you say moody and insecure. The noise polution in this house is nuts when they are both awake, music from one end and a movie from the other. I think I'll listen to a book, the earbuds will block the other noise.

Gas was $3.09 yesterday evening, we heard a rumor it was to go to $3.55 today. That is crazy high. Flame me now, but they should fix the Alaskan pipeline, it would help. I lived in Alaska for 3 years. Every person in Alaska benifits moneywise from the oil. As for the wildlife: the pipeline is heated so the area around the pipeline always has grass and food. There are more moose and other wild critters now than before the pipeline.

School starts next week for DD2. I'm not ready. The gas prices alone make it difficult. It is 17 miles one way to take her to school. My husband takes her to school on his way to work, but I have to pick her up and then take her to ballet after school.

About 3 times a year I seriously think of homeschooling. DD2 goes to an Arts middle school in downtown Louisville. Last year went really well, great grades, AP classes, drama and chorus. After school there was dance classes with the Louisville ballet. We only had a few problems with girls picking on her. Girls are so mean at this age. Luckily, DD is mostly oblivious and doesn't play mind games. Unfortunately she only has a few friends. Everyone lives so far from everyone else that it is hard to see anyone except at school. So different from neighborhood schools. If we homeschooled we'd use less gas, have more time for fun stuff, but the friend issue would still be there. We might argue more as well.

Any solutions?


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